Add-On Handgun Cleaning Kit

Add-On Handgun Cleaning Kit
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You should only purchase this package if you would like a cleaning kit in addition to your Handgun Cleaning Class.  To have your kit delivered, please purchase this entry for $35.00 and then fill out and submit the form on the first page.  You will only have access to this for 48 hours, so please fill out the order form as soon as you complete your purchase.

Each cleaning kit will include the following:
T-handle cleaning rod
Patch Jags
Patch Puller
Cleaning Solvent
Lubricating Oil
Bronze cleaning brush (Specify your caliber during checkout)
Firm bristle scrub brush
100ct cotton applicator swabs

Your cleaning kit will be shipped within 48 hours and tracking information will be provided to you via e-mail if you choose to provide one.  In the event that our system does not update and allows orders of not-in-stock products, we will contact you and offer the choice of a refund or a back-order.




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