Traditional Handgun Cleaning

Traditional Handgun Cleaning
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Welcome to the TRR Guns Handgun Cleaning Course.  This course does not offer comprehensive coverage on every pistol design on the market, but many share similarities that will be covered in the material.  We encourage you to have the manual for your pistol available while you are going through the material.  If you do not have that, please contact the manufacturer, they will be able to provide for you.

This class will cover the safe and effective cleaning methods for many varieties of pistols, including revolvers.  Firearms such as Ruger Charger pistols, Thompson Contender, or pistol variants of common carbine rifles (AR, AK, MP5, etc) will not be covered.  Cleaning processes are largely the same, but these style of firearms have their own take down processes.

This is not a pass/fail course.  There will be one or more knowledge quizzes throughout the coursework that you can utilize to test your memory retention of the material.  A digital certificate will be issued to you upon completion of the class, should you wish to have one for display or records.

This is offered as a self-paced class with unlimited access for as long as you maintain an account with our learning portal.  This course will be updated with additional information from time to time that are firearm specific.  If there is a firearm that you would like more information about, please contact us by email at

Cleaning kits similar to what is presented in this course material are available to purchase for $35.00.  If you would like one, please Click Here and follow the instructions.


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